Emily White

Conscious Movement Guide

Movement is MEDICINE. WITNESS yourself SHIFT into a more easeful state of BEING. CULTIVATE more clarity, resilience, stamina and strength in your body, mind and heart. COMMIT to releasing old patterns. INVITE practices in movement, nourishment and mindfulness into your day. MEET yourself where you are and LIVE a more BALANCED, JOYFUL and FULFILLING life.  

Tune in to YOU!

Emily is like the river – gently guiding you to work at your own pace while intuitively helping you move your body. Emily makes sure that movement is done in such a way so that it does not cause injury and she makes sure that movement is joy while at the same time challenging you to be your best self. Emily has extensive knowledge of the body and she uses that knowledge to infuse her guidance with flow and care. -Valerie Gilliam