I love helping athletes of all kinds, tap into their JOY!

I live in Carbondale, Colorado with my husband Jason and our little pup Ollie. In 2011, I left Vermont in search of bigger mountains, bluer skies and the space and time to tap into my own joy. I called it my FREEDOM tour. I landed in Carbondale, equipped with a keen eye for analyzing and detecting imbalances in runners' gait patterns and a strong desire to help athletes live happier healthier lives. Soon after, I immersed myself in a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training that taught me a methodical and refined way of moving through life. I spent the next few years working hands-on as a PT Aide, learning how the body recovers from injury and the foundational work that is necessary to cultivate stability, balance and strength from the inside out. Dedicated to my yoga practice, I delved into Kula Yoga's Vinyasa 200 hour training in 2014 and emerged with a clear method for teaching yoga. In 2016, I earned my National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) Personal Training Certification. In 2017, I received my Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Levels 1 and 2 certification. I am recent graduate of SomaKInese School and will be weaving somatic groundwork into our movement experience, as well. You can now find me at TAC fitness and wellness for group classes and one on one personal training or experience one of my yoga classes at Kula Yoga on Main or True Nature Healing Arts. I also offer one on one movement study sessions out of my home studio.