Conscious Movement Training

Your re-patterning journey involves you “being” in the doing. It's a conscious shift into slowing down and listening to your lived body in stillness and in motion. You are tuning into your unique synthesis of tension and compression, alertness and relaxation, ebbing and flowing. 


You will dig deep, listen and witness vitality, stamina and strength organically emerge from your body. Any movement practice that brings you joy: running, biking, skiing, yoga will serve as your feedback loop. Once you cultivate a sense of ease with your movements, small shifts become the spark for transforming the way you move through life.

Mountain Range

Your Journey


Name Obstacles


Identify your obstacles. What is in the way of you moving with less effort and more ease? Muscles? Constraints? Old patterns no longer serving you? 


Release Tension


Explore methods for unwinding places in your body that are holding tension. 


Playful Movement


Link simple movement patterns to revitalize your entire body.


Ignite Awareness


Isolate muscles that have been neglected or forgotten and provide them with a clear sense of function and purpose.




Connect with full body movement patterns and hone your ability to synthesize muscle relationships to create more stamina, balance and strength in your entire being.