• Emily White

Leaning in​

I recently took time to unplug, cleanse and simply be. As I practiced Tapas, the act of cultivating a sense of self-discipline and courage in order to burn away physical, mental and emotional impurities, I began to make space for new intentions to root and begin to grow. In the midst of my spiritual purification I felt a calling from deep with in my being imploring me to weave myself into a greater purpose. My inner voice asked me. What are you aligning for? And what are you aligning with?

When I emerged from my cleanse the doubt, fear and heaviness that had been weighing me down was gone and in its' place was a beautiful open canvass of possibility. An opportunity to serve arose out of a small offering to give of myself and blossomed into an invitation to align with Sacred Cycle, an organization that helps women navigate their way through their healing process after sexual assualt. I am one of the few lucky women who can not raise my hand and say ‘Me Too’! For most of my life I have danced outside of this boundary of conflict. My dear teacher Maria has taught me to lean in to everything: the joy, the sorrow the fear and the unrest that is our world. When we do this we become part of a beautiful webbing of support that is helping heal and transform our universal consciousness. Each act of kindness we offer is weaving a vibrant thread of hope into a brighter more compassionate tomorrow.

It is clear to me that when we align with something greater than ourselves magic happens. We leave the worry mind behind and engage, allow and flow into a greater sense of purpose. We live in action and from this place life unfolds. So I ask you what brings you joy? What lights you up? Lean in and align with that and you will be opening a window to your own awakened heart and threading yourself into a universal blanket of support this world dearly needs right now.

Sacred Cycle would greatly appreciate any hands-on support or contribution you are moved to offer. Please click here https://thesacredcycle.org/about-us/ to learn more about this amazing organization.