• Emily White

Distilling Down 2018

A few years back, a dear friend and wise teacher gave me the gift of clarity. I found it in a sweet little sapling high up in the snow covered rocky mountains. Her guidance carried me out of worry and into wonder… From this place, words appeared on paper capturing my relationship to this sweet little tree unapologetically thriving in the snow. Realizing we were kindred spirits, my heart softened and smiled. My journey since has been guided by this sapling.

In 2018 I unapologetically stepped into my work as a movement educator and began to flourish. As I look back, I see every stepping stone that has brought me to this moment. This journey has given me voice and I recognize that I am doing my life’s work. I am called to hold space and guide willing souls to cultivate a relationship with their body/mind and teach them how to help themselves grow, evolve and thrive! My teacher likened this process to crafting a wholesome meal. Right order allows time for oil to slowly warm to being a receptive container. Garlic and herbs infuse a specific intention into the creation process. The mirepoix builds the foundation. Then vegetables, diverse in flavor and texture, are layered in, impacting the integrity of the foundation. Legumes are added for gusto and the contents are left to marry. Time dictates the end result. The longer ingredients mingle, the more they become something greater than their original form. There is a unique synthesis that occurs during this process.

We are all whole and complete. Sometimes we need a little help understanding where we got off course and how to get back to doing the activities we love, with confidence and joy. My goal is to help you refine the way you move. I will teach you why, how and what needs to be lengthened or strengthened and provide intelligent programing for your specific needs. I love working with athletes of all ages and will meet you wherever you are and help you coordinate your movements through life in a healthy and sustainable way.

I am declaring 2019 as the year of ACTION! I look forward to sharing my journey with you! Onward!