• Emily White

The Journey to Remembering

My dear and wise friend Susan reminded me the other day that we are human and therefore we forget and the magic of life arises when we remember what already lives inside of us.

November 4th was a day that will be etched in my subtle body, long after it leaves my physical being. My angels, seat belt, airbags, a crystal and a sturdy Honda Element all joined forces to allow me and my friend Jill to emerge in one piece from the impact of mack truck barreling into us at full speed.

In the days that followed, I rested and iced my chest and neck sore from the seat belt’s tight grasp. I was fortunate to have some time to rest and recover, a trip to Maui already planned gave me time to simply be.

I returned to work and my life, driven by a deep gratitude for my life. A voice deep within me said “I’ve got this!” and I desperately held onto it. At some point my physical, mental and emotional body cried “mercy!” It was then that I began to allow myself to unwind and start the healing process. Immediately, my neck voiced the pain I had been suppressing. All the while, I was busy at work helping my yoga and fitness students and clients live happier healthier lives.

In the months to follow, I came face to face with my own trauma. I was irritable, anxious, fear swirled around in my being and I felt myself withdrawing from the outside world. As this happened to me, I was fortunate to have the care and support of my husband Jason, my dear friend and PT, Caroline and to be a student of Kaila June’s Intelligent Motion Training. IMT is a deep dive into understanding and infusing somatic inquiry and kinesiology into movement practices. This work is designed to liberate willing participants from their repetitive cycle of injury by listening to their body’s own intelligence. Breath work and movement study help facilitate this unwinding of old habitual patterns.

My own healing process has awakened me to the subtle needs of my clients recovering from injury. My relationship with my own breath has deepened as I intimately dance with the many layers of my being: unwinding, reorganizing and reorienting. I've encountered many stumbling blocks along the way and they have reminded me that meeting our edge is part of softening into ourselves and returning home to our bodies, to that place of inner knowing.

I am in the midst of my journey back to pain free play. I see that my daily practices: moving, resting, eating well and committing to self care rituals are essential ingredients in my healing process. I recognize that practice makes progress and that the little things I do add up to real and lasting change in my physical, mental and emotional well-being. There is a subtle and profound shift that happens when we commit to our own healing process. We remember pieces of ourselves that we've forgotten and we begin to listen to our body's own inner wisdom. This is the journey back to remembering...

Emily White