• Emily White

Intelligent Motion Magic

As an Intelligent Motion Guide, I am called to move willing participants towards a deeper relationship with their own lived body. I believe that movement inspires us to know our body better and ignites our desire to refine the way we move through life. I am energized to share my knowledge with those who choose to be an expert in their own life and to provide safe and effective movement guidance that will help my clients out of injury and back to pain free playing.

My life has been shaped by authentic experiences that have informed me of my essence. As a child, I struggled with learning and movement was my medicine; as soon as I was in motion everything fell into place and just made sense. Worry turned to wonder and play became my medium for learning. As time passed, I began to notice that I thrived whenever I was in a kind, patient and nurturing environment. I found that I was most alive when I was acting in service to something greater than myself and loved helping folks discover more ease and joy in their lives. Through the years I have used different mediums to help people live happier lives that span from fitting folks in the best running shoes for their needs to yoga instruction to serving as a physical therapy aide. All of these experiences, reinforced my desire to build relationships with and guide willing souls towards a deeper relationship with their own inner joy.

In the spring of 2018, I was ready to expand my knowledge. I had become a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer and was working as: a trainer at TAC Fitness & Wellness Center, a Rehab Personal Trainer at SPORT PT and still finding the best shoe for folks needs at Independence Run & Hike in Carbondale, CO. I wanted to land in my purpose and simply do my souls work. I searched for a program that would tie all my skills together and create a container for my life’s work.

A voice captured my attention as I scrolled through Facebook, revealing a training that would give me the tools to help my client’s out of the injury cycle. I committed to watch the webinar and was immediately held by Kaila’s insightful 5 step process to getting your clients out of the injury cycle. The most profound takeaway for me was to recognize that my client is an expert in their own life and that daily practices in movement, nourishment and mindfulness would be the catalyst for transformational changes in their physical, mental and emotional well-being. This process resonated deeply with me and I signed up for a 1 on 1 call.

From the moment Kaila and I connected live, I felt the dance of cognitive and intuitive exploration rise out of her language. My soul smiled and I enrolled in SomaKinese School that day and began my journey to becoming an Intelligent Motion Guide.

My journey this last year has been far, deep and wide. I’ve explored somatic inquiry and leadership opening the door for me to explore organic movement and authentic language through navigating my own inner landscape. I found shape and structure from in depth study of kinesiological lens. Through insightful movement videos, thorough explanations and rich interaction with Kaila and fellow students , I have emerged with a clear method for helping athletes navigate their path to pain free play. I recognize that this process is organic, intuitive and transformative. It pulses between comprehensive study of the human movement system and dynamic exploration of your own lived body through felt experience. Intelligent Motion Training’s rich content is brilliantly packaged into 10 modules that inform each other and prepare you to assess, interpret, design and execute intuitive, safe and effective programming.

This process is organic and dynamic and will give you the necessary tools to understand and unlock holding patterns in yourself and your clients. It will feed your soul and ask you to cultivate an intimate relationship with your breath and your own inner landscape. Guided by your own curiosity, courage and clear intentions you will weave healthy and sustainable movement patterns into your being and become a skilled movement guide. It’s well worth the journey!