• Emily White

Finding Your Flow

Biking is the quickest path to my flow state. I immediately drop in and land in my body. Movement is seamless as my legs and breath dance and eventually connect to the perfect rhythm for joy to arise out of my being.

I was invited to choose an intention for the shift into fall. The word allow appeared before me. I had to smile a little; knowing the dance I play between trying to fix things and simply letting things unfold. I am often reminded of this balance as summer gently fades into fall. My body yearns for nourishment and when I finally listen, it begins to unwind and find its way back to a more easeful way of being.

We all get stuck. Our body and mind are constantly being bombarded with sensory inputs that impact how we move. Physical, mental and emotional stresses weave their way into out tissues creating holding patterns that show up as aches and pains in our body. The journey back to our flow happens when we make this crucial shift from fixing to allowing and sometimes we need a little nudge to remind us of this delicate balance.

My work as a Movement Guide is all about helping you make this shift. We begin by watching you move and identifying the muscles that are ruling your life; their tendency is to try to compensate for muscles that have been forgotten. With this feedback, I am able to create a clear path to bring you back into balance. We begin by restoring your overactive tissues with self myofascial release techniques and dynamic lengthening exercises. This is where the magic happens! Your body is hardwired to heal. Once we bring it back into natural tone, your body begins to reorganize. I facilitate this process by guiding you through organic movement practices that tune you into your body's own inner intelligence. Your body is now primed to activate muscles that are in need of a little more attention and then integrate your new found strength into full body movement experiences.

This is a snapshot of our journey. The lasting changes arise from turning old habitual patterns into daily rituals in movement, nourishment and mindfulness. Just like on my bike, our task is to find and listen to our own internal rhythm and allow it to bring us back into balance. After all, finding our flow is a pulsation of hugging in and letting go.


Emily White