• Emily White

Moving from a place of joy

I was stuck, in a job I’d outgrown, a relationship that was no longer nourishing me and I hungered to know my purpose for this life. As I set out exploring different doorways into SELF I was met by a single word: joy. It began to appear everywhere and beckoned me to unravel its significance in my life.

What I came to understand was that it was the doorway into embracing my life’s purpose. It called to me and encouraged me to shift. A voice inside me began to whisper “from a place of joy”. Little by little it crept and wove itself into every choice I made. It led me to trust in the kindness of others and journey West. I called it my FREEDOM tour. This was my conscious shift out of muscling through life and choosing to live from a place of joy.

Chapters of my life have magically unfolded guided by this single word. I’ve also waded through hard times but this word has been my North Star. It led me to my husband, my first yoga teacher training, becoming a PT Aide, a personal trainer, a Soma Kinese movement guide, through a car accident that could have ended differently and to this very moment where I feel its powerful embrace.

I named my business Joy Infused Yoga & Fitness during a time when I was riding the wave of joy. My accident cast a veil over this sense of lightness and receptivity in my being. It has taken a conscious and consistent effort to bring joy back into my life. I listened Rumi’s advice:

“Work. Keep digging your well. Don't think about getting off from work. Water is there somewhere. Submit to a daily practice. Your loyalty to that is a ring on the door. Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open up a window to see who is there.”

My work as a Soma Kinese movement guide has opened the window to a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose. I truly understand the importance of creating a kind, encouraging and playful environment for a person’s re-patterning process. We all have times when we get off course, the magic happens when a little spark reminds of us who we are and what brings us joy. This is the catalyst for our body, mind and souls to journey back to doing the things we love from a place of joy. It is through my commitment to helping athletes, of all kinds navigate their path to pain free play, that joy has once again opened a window and revealed my life’s purpose as a movement guide.


Emily White