Conscious Movement Exploration

MOVEMENT is medicine. WITNESS yourself SHIFT into a more easeful state of BEING. DANCE between a cognitive and intuitive approach of refining old patterns with new practices, meet yourself where are and LIVE a more balanced, joyful and fulfilling life.  

My Somatic Movement Offering: Integrated Program Design


Restore phase

  • Restore overactive tissues through breath work, somatic unwinding movements and self myofascial release techniques

  • Lengthen overactive tissues through shape shifting, allowing the body to pulsate between two movements and listening to whatever is there, using the breath and intuition to release tension. 

  • Somatic Play, explore your renewed range of motion through developmental movements you learned to move from a crawl to a walk



  • Ignite under-active muscles through targeted activation exercises

  • Explore your new range of dynamic flexibility with full body movements

  • Imprint sustainable movement patterns into your being through dynamic stability re-patterning movement practices

Emily has an expert eye and keen insight when it comes to your body. Her approach was like a new language for me at first. In the past I just barreled through my workouts and didn't listen to my body at all. Now I am able to tune-in in a way that produces more strength and alignment which produces better results. My philosophy is 'be gentle with yourself' and Emily helped me to deepen that practice by helping me to slow down and become conscious of my movement. It all makes so much sense now! Thank you, Emily, for your tender loving care. - Donna Lee Humble