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Valerie Gilliam

Emily White is a practitioner that teaches from a place in her heart. As a yoga instructor and a personal trainer, Emily works to awaken self-awareness in order to provide practical solutions to enhance one’s physical being. Emily is an intuitive teacher and has helped me to overcome physical distress from an old injury as well as being a gentle guide to quiet the mind and invite peacefulness. Emily’s in depth knowledge of anatomy pulls everything together instilling confidence in her abilities to help me work towards becoming my best self, both physically and mentally.  

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Kate Collins

I was so grateful for our work together as I pedaled past some other racers--and ran more than I walked--on the Outdoor Divas Triathlon course. It was the culmination of 12 weeks of training that started with your gentle coaching and movement therapy in the Restore & Connect program that you authored. It was a game-changer for me. I'm feeling like an athlete again, and it's so incredibly empowering! Thank you.

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Seth Brown

I was able to improve my whole posture from the arches of my feet up to how I hold my head. I was able to increase movement where I was stuck and stabilize where I was vulnerable. Perhaps more interesting, I found I preferred the postural work to the weightlifting and it served me much better in my day-to-day feeling of fitness and integrity in my body. Emily is a rare combination of East and West, bringing both a Yoga background and the Western FMS approach. These two combine very well in a practice that is as fun as it is physically beneficial, though much of the fun derives from Emily's spirit and sense of humor.

Carla Reed

Emily is a dedicated and motivating teacher who has helped me become free of back pain and feel strong again after a back injury. Emily was very patient, compassionate, positive and upbeat. She encouraged and challenged me to work hard and praised me for even the slightest gain in strength and balance. Emily is a true professional in the field of fitness and personal training.

Pat Wanner

I have worked with Emily for over 2 years in a yoga classes and most recently she helped me one on one to overcome pain from old injuries and a major surgery.She really watched how I was using my body and where I was over compensating in areas and helped me to break my old movement patterns. She designed a program specific to my body and now I can enjoy all my activities pain free and now understand what I need to do if the pain returns. Emily helped me to understand what my body needed and to move with intention and attention.  She really understands the anatomy of the body from her training in yoga and physical therapy. I think anyone could benefit from working with Emily - she is knowledgeable, kind, patient and understanding and really loves her work! Thanks to Emily - I now have fun doing my sports again!

Kasia Martin

I first realized Emily’s gift when my husband listened to her. This isn’t a small feat. She has a way of understanding and explaining that is hard to find. Her ability to pinpoint an issue and identify the cause is remarkable. She knows the body, understands movement and listens intently to understand you. From there, she can break down exactly “what" and “why" and help you move towards healing. She is patient, kind and incredibly passionate about her work. I seek her advice often.  From healing to yoga to her “FUNdamentals” strengthening class - her guiding input will change the way you move. I can’t say enough about Emily!

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Engaging with Emily and her work changed the trajectory of a significant, year-long injury for me. I originally tried to push through impingement and inflammation, setting myself up for a total blowout. With that, I lost my sport and everything it held for me - my happy place, physical release, stress management, purpose. Most critically? My sense of self. Each session with Emily re-grounded me in the wonder that is my body, breaking through the layers of negative messaging I'd accumulated through months of limitation. In addition to skill, Emily is a guide, communicating concepts in a deeply felt way that move you towards living and moving in the body with pleasure and reverence again. This was a new experience for me - empowerment in managing injury and healing. I'm eager to be running those sinuous dirt ribbons again, come summer~

Caroline Bourcier

Working as a P.T. in a bustling physical therapy clinic with high level athletes I was lucky to have the opportunity to share clients with Emily White, a uniquely talented trainer. Emily is truly gifted in teaching clients with complex injuries how to identify movement dysfunctions and integrate new healthier ways of moving. I confidently handed my patients over to her, knowing she would patiently and skillfully guide them out of frustration and pain to a place of stability, balance and strength.

Pat Bingham

Emily is a natural teacher. She meets you where you are without judgement. She is teaching me to be strong from the inside out.

Holly Richardson

Emily and I have been early morning running partners for a number of years.  Over the many miles we have shared, often under the setting stars and rising sun, she has shared her empathetic listening skills and astute observations with me.  She has offered me specific exercises and tools so that I move in a healthier way. She strives to be kind, honest, gentle and helpful.  She is passionate about movement and is constantly evolving her practice so she can better serve others on a daily basis.  She is a treasured teacher and friend.