Yoga Study

Yoga has been the doorway for my ever-evolving, soul nourishing relationship with Self. I offer a grounded, playful and openhearted approach to teaching. My invitation is for you to embody your practice and journey into each pose with clarity and grace. 

I am a student of yoga.

Pranayama, meditation, mantra and mudra exploration have enable me to delve into the deeper layers of my being and uncover the root cause of my dis-ease. I will employ these practices to connect you to a deeper relationship with yourself.

Asana offerings:

  • Alignment Based Asana Study

  • Adaptable Yoga for Knee, Shoulder, Back and Hip Injuries

  • Customized Asana Programming

In 30 years of personal work I’ve met few guides that have a “toolbox” the size of Emily’s. That toolbox has been built over years of being a student herself and she shares her tools so graciously. I felt nurtured, comforted, challenged and guided in a way that was very much about my true self …and no one else’s. I truly appreciated that our conversations were all steeped in reality and practicality with an emphasis on lightness and fun!

-Lisa Smith, ED Natural Areas Association

Emily has an expert eye and keen insight when it comes to your body. Her approach was like a new language for me at first. In the past I just barreled through my workouts and didn't listen to my body at all. Now I am able to tune-in in a way that produces more strength and alignment which produces better results. My philosophy is 'be gentle with yourself' and Emily helped me to deepen that practice by helping me to slow down and become conscious of my movement. It all makes so much sense now! Thank you, Emily, for your tender loving care.

- Donna Lee Humble, Owner of bioSynergy